I am available by appointment from 8am-2am. All appointments must be booked via my website. Screening is compulsory. Please fill in the screening form and I will get back to you to confirm.

Repeat clients feel free to shoot me an email detailing the time you would like to meet. Advanced notice is always appreciated especially for Strip and Downtown appointments.


My Rules/Etiquette: Please read below

-I reserve the right to deny you service. If you push or cross my boundaries thinking you are special, I will bid you adieu and block you. Sorry not sorry!

- BBFS requests will get you kicked out of my Incall really fast and I will not refund the donation. Save your " I am clean and I have papers to prove it" bs please!!!. I don't care whether you work in the Healthcare Industry please don't try to insult my knowledge regarding protection. I value my health more than anything. GFE does not mean BBFS and the fact that I don't offer BBFS doesn't make me close-minded. This subject is not debatable with me.

- I sometimes offer my regular clients discounted rates/incentives, as a token of appreciation for their continued business. However, I kindly ask you not to use that as an excuse to request discounts all the time. Also, as much as I appreciate you for being a regular, asking for a free session is disrepectful and I will most likely end our provider-client relationship.

-Respect and gentlemanly conduct go a long way. I don't tolerate rude behaviour, belittling, insults or any kind of cruelty. Please be respecftul and you will get good service from me.

- Excellent hygiene is expected. Please be freshly showered before our appointment. I always have clean towels, mouth wash, shampoo at my incall. If you want to have good service, please be clean. Nothing ruins an encounter like bad breath, sweat and bad body odor.

- If you cancel a confirmed appointment at the last minute, you will not be booked for any appointments in the future. Please know your schedule before you book and confirm an appointment.

- Please don't email or text me your dick pictures. I will block you. I like anticipation.

- Under no circumstances will I email or text you face pictures. It's best you book providers that show their faces. I also don't face time or offer skype shows.


Lastly, I may sound fiesty, but I am actually very sweet. We all have pricinples we abide by in life.